Thursday, December 16, 2010

This week:

"Christmas is coming up way fast. This transfer just ended, and Elder Claridge got sent down to Burley. He was a really good companion, I'll miss him. But the cool thing is I get to serve with Elder Moe (pronounced Moy) this transfer! Me and Elder Moe came out at the same time, and I was super pumped when i found out i would be serving with him next transfer.

Weiser is doing good! We have a lot of people just flocking to us to hear the gospel. Makes our job easy! Especially for winter where the last thing i wanna be doing is knocking doors! We were introduced to a young couple this week who really has a strong interest to hear the gospel, and get this.... the guys name is Doogie Houser lol. We are also teaching a young man who before he even talked to us, got up and bore his testimony and told us that he wanted to serve a mission! Now thats a golden investigator!"