Friday, August 27, 2010

No longer a greenie!

Elder Arnoczky has been out for 4 months and has been busy at work in Boise! A week ago Mom sent him some questions about mission life so far, and here are a few of them:

What are your companions’ names & where do they come from?
Answer: Elder Sanders from Alberta. and Elder Tukuafu from Tonga

Do you get to see your mission president very much? How often?
Answer: Nope only at Zone Conference and at Interviews

Is the basement you live in part of someone’s home or is it an apartment?
Answer: its a house and the Zone Leaders live upstairs. so 5 missionaries in total live at that house

Have you had to give any talks yet? Tell me about them.
Answer: no but i got up and bore my testimony about 5 times in 5 different wards

Do you have any baptisms coming up soon? Tell me about them.
Answer: no baptisms soon. BUT we have a ton of new investigators and we will have some baptisms in the future

He also shared a dog story...

"we almost got attacked by a dog the other day! we were checking out a potential investigator and there was a vicious dog outside growling at us and lunging with its teeth out and so we were wondering what to do. Elder Tukuafu and elder sanders were just afraid so i had to pick up its ball and throw it into its cage and it went in and so i ran to close the gate and accidentally ran through into the cage with it and backed off and i was able to close the gate. and then the person we were trying to contact wasn't home...."