Monday, July 19, 2010

Loving the field...

Elder Arnoczky has been loving the Boise area! Here are some excerpts from Derek’s June 29th email:

I prayed a lot to help me be a better missionary and to know how to bring His children back to him. And so I made sure that I was living worthily to do that, getting up on time and doing my studies every morning, and my prayer was really answered yesterday, we had just a really successful day!

We actually went tracting in this area and we were able to make appointments with three people!

One of the people was a ‘golden investigator’ who has already read the Book of Mormon and pretty much knows it’s true and wants to be baptized. I got to teach her a lot of the lesson and share my testimony with her and I could tell that she already had a testimony and I told her that, and she really felt the spirit. So she'll be baptized really soon then. That is super exciting!

I’m glad that I prayed, and was able to live worthy to have such an uplifting day. I would just like to encourage both Mom and Dad, and Megan and Vince to continue to read together every night, and to pray together to build your faith stronger, and if you’re striving to be obedient, Heavenly Father will bless you always.

For the 4th, the town he is in had a 4th of July parade and of course him and his companion got fed a lot. Also he has a new mission president, President Cannon. They were kind enough to email all of the missionaries' parents to introduce themselves and send a photo they took while meeting them. Here is Elder Arnoczky with President and Sister Cannon:

He's also been busy at work and has many baptisms scheduled for this month! He says there are so many referrals, they don't even go tracting! Which is probably a good thing since the weather there has been in the 90's!