Thursday, January 27, 2011

This week's letter

Greetings from Idaho!
Had a pretty good week this week.
We had our Interviews with the Mission President last Wednesday and those went pretty well.
And I went on exchanges with Elder Cruz from Ontario on thrusday we had a great time together
and i learned a lot from him. Friday morning we got our transfer calls and found out that me and
Elder Moe will both be staying in Weiser for another transfer.
Friday night we had the Baptism of Rene Gunari, shes such a sweet lady. we taught her all of the
lessons in 1 hour! Her baptism was a cool experience, there were so many people there that we
had to hold the service in the chapel! And there was a ton of non members there including our good
pal Father Victor!
The next day we needed to be in Ontario at 4 am so we could drive to Nampa by 5:15 and catch a
bus to get to twin falls to go hear Elder Russel M. Nelson speakso at 3:15 we drove all the way to ontario, picked up Elder Cluff and Gontier and then i had to
drive all the way to Nampa, and then get on the bus for a 3 hour bus ride to Twin
Falls. But it was awesome still, we got to see the whole mission! Elder
Hopkins, Elder Denning, Elder Claridge...everybody. and we all got to shake Russell m Nelsons hand,
and i was just amazed at how well he knows the scriptures, we were allowed to ask him questions and
he answered all of them immediatley with a scripture to back it up. i was impressed. and then we got a
picture with the whole mission to remember it forever!!
When we got back to Weiser finally i was so exhausted! just before i fell asleep we got a phone for the
Weiser 3rd ward secretary telling us that the speakers for there ward were sick and asked if we could
speak. So in 20 minutes i put together a talk on Faith and hope in these hard times, and passed out.
Of course that ward we needed to speak in was at 8:30 and i was still dead tired, but some how i was
able to give a pretty good 20 minute talk so im glad i have the Lord on my side cuz without Him it wouldve
been a disaster.
Well thats all i have these week to share. Have a slendid week peeps.
Elder Derek Andrew Arnoczky