Thursday, December 16, 2010

This week:

"Christmas is coming up way fast. This transfer just ended, and Elder Claridge got sent down to Burley. He was a really good companion, I'll miss him. But the cool thing is I get to serve with Elder Moe (pronounced Moy) this transfer! Me and Elder Moe came out at the same time, and I was super pumped when i found out i would be serving with him next transfer.

Weiser is doing good! We have a lot of people just flocking to us to hear the gospel. Makes our job easy! Especially for winter where the last thing i wanna be doing is knocking doors! We were introduced to a young couple this week who really has a strong interest to hear the gospel, and get this.... the guys name is Doogie Houser lol. We are also teaching a young man who before he even talked to us, got up and bore his testimony and told us that he wanted to serve a mission! Now thats a golden investigator!"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New letter from Elder Arnoczky!

We did make it to Boise last tuesday, and we're going to nampa today. we ate at PF changs in boise last week, and we went on the intent to hang out with Elder hopkins but that never happened......maybe at christmas. Weiser got slammed with snow.... we got a crazy amount. havent gotten in any crashes but did get stuck in front of our house because the plow pushed like 5 feet of snow in front of it lol

One more week of this's hard to believe. Time goes really fast when you’re having fun. This week was one of the most productive weeks I've seen! We got 5 new investigators! Two 17 year old boys, Bryan and Ulises. Both of them have sincere desire to learn the gospel, and Bryan has even agreed to Baptism already! We also began teaching a family that has just moved from Utah, the Rock family. We helped them shovel out their driveway and in return they let us teach them the first lesson. They were really engaged and even made it to church and enjoyed that also!

Last week i went on exchanges with Elder Olivas who has been out for about 5 weeks. We decided to do some door knocking over at an apartment complex, after knocking a couple of doors we noticed a trend......They were all old. Everyone in that apartment was historic haha. We had a lot of doors slammed in our face, but i believe we went there for a reason. As we knocked on one of the doors we heard a faint "Hello, Hello, hello" and so we knocked again, and we heard it again.. And we asked if they were alright. and we just heard it again. I was thinking it was a parrot lol. but we decided to walk in and we found an elderly lady laying on the floor, she had tried to get up and knocked over a lamp and fell. The lamp had broken on a curtain and the curtain was beginning to singe. So we cleaned up the mess, and picked her up and put her back in her chair. Although we had 10 people call and complain about us and we're kicked out of the complex, i still think we were able make a difference.

Earlier this week i was very "mail trunky" And i think i might have been cured. i got two packages, some letters from some friends and family, and a letter from Elder Williams! I wrote him almost 5 months ago, It took 2 1/2 months to get down to Guatemala, and 2 1/2 more for his letter to get to me! It totally made my transfer to hear from him, and he sent me some pesos!