Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Photo Update

These first two Elder Arnoczky calls the "Matrix" photos...

Here are some photos of Elder Arnoczky's district at the MTC

Beautiful scenery in Idaho!

Elder Arnoczky's district in Star

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's already been a month and a half!

Here is the latest email from Derek:

as i told mom, we got a free membership to a gym next to our house, that and the family we're teaching is getting baptized this Saturday at 1 are the highlights of my week.
sweet story was when we had an investigator who didnt read her assignment for the week because she was distracted by a 500 piece puzzle and when we went over there and she told us that we started working on the puzzle with her and finished it in like a half an hour lol. and since she didnt have any excuses she read and went to chruch this sunday haha. sunday is a crazy day. we start at 7 and go until 3. we go to 4 different wards and i got up and bore my testimony 4 times haha.
food here is really weird sometimes. we get fed sushi alot and also chinese, which neither ive tried before. surprising the sushi was pretty good, even the eel one haha.
i need to send my matrix picture to you so you can put it as my facebook picture. or my whistle pig hunting picture. XD i dont have my cord here tho, and i'm really not good at taking pictures at all.
some kid in the library just said i like you're sunglasses and i was like "thanks there not mine tho" and he was like "are they your girlfriends" and i was like "no, they're are my companions" and i just realized how gay that sounds because im in my p-day clothes and i don't have a tag on.XDDD
fathers day is coming up and i'll be sending a picture of me and Elder Meredith to dad in a card so at least you'll have that.
well im gunna go now. love you have a good week. tell vince hey
elder Arnoczky

also i asked if he went tracting a lot and what kind of car they had:

Do you go tracting a lot? no we dont go tracting at all because there are so many member referels
Do you and your companion have a car? yes we have a car. a 07 toyota corrola. it sucks haha

and here is the email to mom from him:

another sweet week! and this saturday a whole family we taught is getting baptized so thats also sweet. We get fed just fine and even when a person canceled on us i had the subway card you gave me and got subway that day.

remember when i said i was gunna get a weight because my bands broke? well instead of that i decided to do a lot of pushups and i fixed the bands good enough to do pull-up type moves. well anyway we've been eating good still and now we're running 3 miles a day. and after driving by a couple times, we decided to go in a local fitness gym and see the rates, the lady said it was a dollar a day and some other fees, so we were thinking "forget this" but then she said that the LDS missionaries had an account there and all we really needed was a key, which cost 20 dollars, and a lady in one of our wards gave us 20 bucks earlier in the day. so we got a free membership to a gym thats a tenth of a mile away from our place ,and its open 24/7 so if thats not cool idk what is.

so yup im still getting better at the lessons. and something else that cool is, everyone has trouble saying our last name so we've been getting everyone to call me Elder A, or Elder Awesome. and its catching on quite well cause im pretty awesome haha.

well if i think of anything else i'll put it in my email to megan. love you both. cya next week

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2nd full week in Idaho!

June 1, 2010 Email:
Last month is referred to as ‘Miracle May’ by Elder Arnoczky. He says he committed 20-year-old ‘Becky’ to baptism 2 weeks ago and even though it was his first time doing that, he wasn’t a bit nervous. Last week he & his companion committed a family of 5 to baptism and to demonstrate their sincerity, the parents agreed to live separately until they are married. Then they received a call from a member yesterday who told them of her friend who is totally ‘golden’ and wants to be baptized. They are scheduled to begin teaching her over the next couple of weeks.

Every day begins with Elder Arnoczky & his companion running a mile and every evening is ended by running 2 miles. Last night, another set of missionaries spent the night @ their apartment. Today, they are all going to play kickball, capture the flag and then he is going to try sushi for the first time. I’m glad to see that he isn’t all work and no play!

Elder Arnoczky lost his camera cord so I had to send him a new one. He finally received it & has committed to taking a lot of pictures. If any of you have received photos from him and would be willing to share them on this blog, please send them to his email via Facebook and Megan will post them for all of us to view.