Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally in Boise!

Elder Arnoczky has finally made it to Boise! Yesterday he flew there from Salt Lake, and was able to call Mom in the airport (which she loved). Today we got an email from him. Here it is...enjoy!

Hey just E-mailing you both to tell you i got to Boise okay. My trainers name is Elder Hopkins. He's from Raleigh N. Carolina, and he's pretty cool so far. When i got off the plane i met President and Sister Yardley, and went to there house for lunch, and then went to the mission home to review some of the rules and expectations in this mission. i had an interview with President Yardley and we took a picture and they're sending it home to you pretty soon. they're a really nice couple. and president yardley is really close to who else but Elder Holland. elder holland said he would do anything for his grandson to go to this mission, because of how great president yardley is.
After that i met my companion and we went to our place. its an apartment, but it looks like a house to me. My first area is called Star, and its mostly rich people around it but its weird our apartment is like right next to a chicken farm. and there's chicken out in our front yard lol. after i took my stuff to the place, we had a dinner appointment with a family, and that went pretty great, i got to share the spirtiual thought and after that we went to a "ward correlation" which is where the ward missionaries and mission leaders, talk about and plan how new members and investigators can get closer to being active members. i didnt have too much input since i have know idea who any of them are... but it was intresting to watch. then my companion and i, along with a ward missionary, went to an investigators house just to introduce ourselves.
i serve over part of the eagle stake, and i'm in charge of 5 wards. it's pretty sweet, cause we have like a full schedule today of lessons we're going to teach. And it's cool cause my area is close to Boise and i'm close enough that i'll be able to go to the Boise temple on P-day. I love you both and i'll email you next Tuesday
Elder Arnoczky

His address for the next two years is:

Elder Arnoczky
Idaho Boise Mission Office
1111 South Cole Road
Boise, ID 83709