Saturday, May 1, 2010

Derek pre-mission part 8: family get-together #3

Sunday the 25th of April we got together at Aunt Jane's house for dinner and a visit.

Rob, Savannah, Dani, and Jodie

Kaden and Rachel

Tawny, Teresa, and Tayia

Derek and Rob

Derek and Rachel

Derek and Teresa

Derek and Tayia

Derek and Aunt Jane

Me, Mom, and Derek

Since the younger cousins haven't all hit their next growth spurt yet, we decided to take a picture with them next to Derek. Although Gatlin wasn't in the picture, I'm guessing he will grow a lot while Derek is gone!

We went outside to play a little basketball, and of course Derek showed us how good he is. (It's just not fair!).

And he helped Tayia do a slam dunk!